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Would you like to learn about Boston Terriers and all of their wondrous colors?
If so, the links below will provide you with a step by step picture tutorial of the
rainbow of naturally occurring/purebred colors within the breed.  At the end of
the tutorial, please take the time to have fun with our
Color Quiz and see how
much you've learned and decide whether or not you should study a little more.
Boston Terrier Colors Explained

Lesson #1:  Terminology
The terminology lesson will give you definitions of terms used often
when discussing canine coat color genetics.

Lesson #2:  K locus
The K locus lesson will highlight the traditional, or standard, colors of the Boston Terrier
to include: black, brindle, and seal.

Lesson #3:  B locus
The B locus lesson will highlight the most commonly recognized nontraditional, or
nonstandard, color of the Boston Terrier to include: red and chocolate.

Lesson #4:  A Locus
The A locus lesson will highlight the fawn coloration of Boston Terriers with an
explanation on the gene responsible for masking.

Lesson #5: E Locus
The E locus lesson will highlight the Boston Terriers who are sometimes confused with
"cremellos" or albino Boston Terriers at birth: cream and honey.

Lesson #6:  D Locus
The D locus lesson will highlight the Boston Terrier who posses the genes causing
dilution of black and red to include: blue and lilac/champagne.

Lesson #7:  Hypothetical C Locus
The hypothetical C locus will highlight the theory of the albinism gene.

Lesson #8:  Patterning (White Factor, Pointed/Tri)
Patterning genes are those genes responsible for patterns like the traditional markings,
white factoring which can cause splash patterns, and also the tri-color gene.

Lesson #9: Blue Eyes/Mismarks
The mismark page helps to define the term for those that are new to the varying facial
markings of Boston Terriers that are not standard and have more white than color on
the face.

Lesson #10:  Summary
Do you think that you understand the above lessons? Before you take the quiz below
first go over the summary to review the important materials contained in these lessons.

Ready? Take the quiz by clicking the link above!

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Note: All of the Boston Terriers of Color pictured within these lesson pages are American Kennel Club (AKC) registered,
most are double registered with United Canine Association (UCA) and are exhibited in UCA Conformation Classes, some
even being CHAMPIONS.  Also, most are health tested, BAER, CERF, OFA Patella, and JVC clear, non-carrier.  Thank you.
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By the end of the tutorial you will be able to properly discern true coat colors of
purebred Boston Terriers. For instance you will be able to take one look at a photo like
the one below and know the correct genetic terminology for every coat color/pattern.
JAM PACKED with educational material, this tutorial will explain why different
coat colors of Boston Terriers have different colors of pigment, like on their noses.